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Monika Social

Monika Social


Advertising & Media Marketing Public Relations


Social Media Marketing Strategist

Monika Social is an organic social media marketing company, that understands that content planning, creativity, and client engagement can be tough.

Hi, I'm Monika!

My goal in life has always been to help businesses solve problems and create a plan for positive results.

The moment I started Monika Social, I knew I was living with purpose while helping more people than I ever have before.

A passion for social media and building relationships is what I do best.

I have seen the top social media apps grow over the years. As I remain up to date with the latest news, I help companies build their reputation online and in their community. 

Podcast - Get Discovered with Monika Social 

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Social Media Marketing Consultant

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Training

Social Media Online Digital Courses 

Podcast Host 


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