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Farm Wife Style

Farm Wife Style




Farm Wife Style is a lifestyle brand and jewelry company creating beautiful, simplistic pieces for all women to enjoy affordably. This is me. I'm loud, I have a '71 El Camino named Harriet, I'm a proud farmer and fashion is my life. I get asked a lot how I ended up in this business and the truth is I've always been drawn to rose gold but was never able to find good quality pieces that were affordable. Turns out I wasn't the only one with that problem so I started designing and selling and ended up with a few pretty incredible and prestigious nods of encouragement along the way. I didn't do this alone though, I live for my family and friends and they've had my back this entire time. I can't thank my parents, my sister, my daughters, and my girlfriends enough. They're my sounding boards and my crisis squad and I couldn't do this without them. I can't forget my husband either, he thinks I'm crazy (always has) but he'll never part with half so we're stuck together for life. ? If you like what I stand for then come along and show me your #farmwifestyle. Reach out if your mood compels you, I don't bite hard and the first phone call is always free.


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